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Bible, Hannah MarieGreenwich, CTYoung Lawyers Division
Briggs, Lincoln WGilbride, Tusa, Last & Spellane LLCGreenwich, CTYoung Lawyers Division
Flanagan, Joanne DanielleGreenwich, CTReal Property Probate and Trust Law
French, John RGreenwich, CT
Furman, Lizabeth MollyGreenwich, CT
Goldman, Jodi LynnGreenwich, CT
Goldschmid, Michael PaulGreenwich, CT
Gordon, Allan SanfordGreenwich, CTOut-of-State Division
Host, Laurie ArnoldGreenwich, CT
Host, Niels GeorgeGreenwich, CT
Jacques, Emile WGreenwich, CT
Klauberg, Melissa TGreenwich, CT
Kurzban, Meredith SloaneGreenwich, CT
Larson, Lawrence EarlGreenwich, CTReal Property Probate and Trust Law, Tax
Lyons, William JGreenwich, CTYoung Lawyers Division
Madfes, Jason LeeGreenwich, CT
Meehan, Joseph EdwardGreenwich, CT
Milan, Douglas IGreenwich, CT
Molberger, Neil StuartGreenwich, CT
More, Douglas MGreenwich, CT