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Andrews, William ClaudGainesville, FL
Angelo, Mary JaneGainesville, FL
Angorn, Richard ArthurGainesville, FL
Ankersen, Thomas TrevorGainesville, FL
Annis, April MarieGainesville, FL
Annis, Christopher JLaw Office of Christopher J. Annis, LLCGainesville, FL
Armstrong, Victoria ErinGainesville, FLYoung Lawyers Division
Arnold, Kathleen SandyGainesville, FL
Arnold, William WGainesville, FL
Arroyo, MaritzaArroyo & Talbert PAGainesville, FLCriminal Law, Family Law
Asare, Stephen KwakuGainesville, FLBusiness Law, Labor and Employment Law
Ashwell, David EdwardGainesville, FLCriminal Law
Atria, Eric AndrewOffice of Regional Conflict CounselGainesville, FLYoung Lawyers Division
Austin, Keith CGainesville, FL
Austin, Roger QuarlesGainesville, FL
Avera, Lance FletcherGainesville, FLTrial Lawyers, Workers' Compensation
Avera, Mark AlexanderAvera & Smith, LLPGainesville, FLTrial Lawyers
Avera, W NGainesville, FL
Ayers, Shirley ClarkGainesville, FL
Ayres, James FrancisGainesville, FLEntertainment Arts and Sports Law, Young Lawyers Division