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Cooper, H LaurenceGainesville, FL
Cooper, Johnie StevenGainesville, FL
Copeland, Tom LindseyGainesville, FL
Cortina, Jana RanieriSole proprietorGainesville, FL
Costello, Robert JohnGainesville, FL
Cowan, Leslie MichelleGainesville, FLYoung Lawyers Division
Cox, Alison LeighGainesville, FL
Cox, Phillip MarkGainesville, FL
Cox, S DavidGainesville, FL
Crews, John JGainesville, FL
Criser, Marshall MGainesville, FL
Crispin, William KennethLaw Offices of William K. Crispin, Chtd.Gainesville, FLAlternative Dispute Resolution, Environmental and Land Use Law
Cross, Mary-EllenGainesville, FLAlternative Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Real Property Probate and Trust Law
Crouch, T AllenGainesville, FL
Crowder, Michael BenjaminGainesville, FLYoung Lawyers Division
Crump, Russell FlintLaw Office of R. Flint Crump PAGainesville, FL
Cullen Caulfield, JeanneGainesville, FLAlternative Dispute Resolution, Young Lawyers Division
Cunningham, Robert BrownGainesville, GA
Cupples, Deborah EGainesville, FL
Curcio, Jennifer KirkhartLaw Office of Jennifer Kirkhart CurcioGainesville, FLFamily Law