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Davis, Robin KuttnerGainesville, FLAlternative Dispute Resolution, Family Law
Davis, Thomas WalterDavis & Fernandes, Sr., P.A.Gainesville, FL
Davis, William ElbridgeGainesville, FL
De Carlis, William NicholasGainesville, FL
Deas, William BruceGainesville, FL
Debroux, Lisa MarieGainesville, FLYoung Lawyers Division
Deem, Christopher BensonDonnelly & Gross, P.A.Gainesville, FLLabor and Employment Law, Young Lawyers Division
Degerness, OrvilleGainesville, FL
Deinzer, Harvey TGainesville, FL
Delaney, David McKinnonDell Graham, PAGainesville, FLLabor and Employment Law
Delaney, Philip AndrewGainesville, FLReal Property Probate and Trust Law
DeLeon, Valerie BurkeGainesville, FL
Dell, Sam TGainesville, FL
Delmond, Richard JosephGainesville, FL
deMontmollin, Stephen JosephGainesville, FL
Dethomasis, Craig ConstantineDeThomasis and Buchanan PAGainesville, FLCriminal Law
Dewar, Marvin AlexanderGainesville, FL
Dimatteo, Larry AlanGainesville, FL
Dincher, Randi EllenRandi E. Dincher, P.A.Gainesville, FL
Doan, Robert E.Silverman, Vorhis & DoanGainesville, FLAlternative Dispute Resolution, Real Property Probate and Trust Law